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July 9 Steering Committee meeting

Some of the high points: 

Public comment: Jared Simons, steering committee members, asked to extend the  initial public comment period from 5 to10 minutes. Alan Tom asked SC to consider interaction of land use with traffic and flooding potential

Debbie Jepson asked the steering committee to include parent input in plan consideration and to adjust SC schedule as needed. She also asked for a motion to follow up on walk of Davis property. (Julie made a motion later that was adopted.  The walk has not been scheduled.)

Fred Lampe called for a design of a safe Estes Drive and nearby intersections  and for a cost estimate. Mia Burroughs said the district level interest is in safety and sidewalks. Jim Ward asked that the school administration advise the SC as to the critical elements for safety. Sarah MacIntee asked whose responsibility it was to get kids to school safely. Mia Burroughs replied it was the school’s responsibility on school property.

Whit Rummel property owner and steering committee member presented a concept for several properties.

Julie requested a broader discussion.  She found discussing detailed opinion on individual tracts without information on road capacity and storm water not a good use of time but the suggestion was not adopted.  She asked for expert help with stormwater and requested that Trish D’Arconte, Chapel Hill Stormwater expert attend a future session to share her knowledge.

 Then followed a list of short conversations ending in votes for various land tracts south of Estes including several for 8 – 10 story buildings. See Town notes. Agreed to defer discussion of setbacks and address them comprehensively. Then the Committee discussed how to process community input. Town staff actions items are here.