Walkable City


  • Fred Lampe sent this observation in an Feb 12 email.

The consultant made the statement at last night’s CWSC meeting that the MLK/Estes intersection traffic never got worse than “D”. This statement was based on the now dated June 2009 Carolina North TIA.

From data that is on P. 37 of the Chartwell (Carolina Flats) TIA of June 2012 (click on link), Table 10 clearly shows that even with nothing built at the MLK/Estes intersection that by 2015 the East/West traffic at both the MLK/Piney Mountain and MLK/Estes intersections will be at Class “F” level of service (worst possible class) at all peak hours, i.e. AM, Mid-day and PM in the Left turn, Right turn and/or Thru directions.

Only Northbound and Southbound traffic on MLK mostly retains Class D service or better in 2015 in the “No Build” analysis. The “build” analysis in Table 11 just makes matters worse.

I believe that the Carolina Flats (now called Chartwell) TIA data, flawed that it is (as formally documented to the Town Sept. 16, 2012) representing no new construction on Estes at MLK needs to become an important part of the “Data Book” portion of the Central West Focus Study and every steering committee member, as well as the consultants, need to be aware of the serious constraints to increased traffic flow at the MLK/Estes intersection.

It must be noted that the TIA remains a “draft” document and is not formally accepted by the Town since the developer has thus far requested that the Chartwell project plan be placed on hold.

… Fred Lampe

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