Systemic Central West Stormwater Problems: June 30th’s Floods

Sandy Turbeville, 219 Huntington Drive, provided this footage of flooding from June 30th’s storms.  Video is courtesy of David Kimball.  Sandy, unfortunately, is all too familiar with flooding – it’s a common occurrence in her Chapel Hill neighborhood even when it doesn’t rain 6 inches.
Sandy’s comments:

The recent storm remind us that as the Town is built out there is less and less natural surfaces to absorb rainwater. We can expect more flooding in the future.This video illustrates the drama of our creek flowing from an underground stormwater pipe draining Shadowood and the properties extending from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (the proposed Chartwell development) along the northside of Estes to the school flowing downward past our house to join Booker Creek and then into the impoundments to Eastwood Lake.The camera angle is from David Kimball’s home (217 Huntington Drive) and sweeps to behind our house at 219 Huntington Drive. Note the numerous tributaries formed from the overflowing storm drain on Huntington joining into our creek (or more a river at this point) on the right side.

David’s driveway is much higher than the bridges behind our home. The water was over both our bridges which ARCH well above the drainage area. So I’m guessing the water was about 8 feet high going over our bridges.

Of course looking towards David’s from our house, with the water coming over his driveway, it looked like a not so miniature Niagara Falls.

Perhaps you can see the tributaries forming on the high side of the water.  They are coming from the storm drain that constantly overflows on Huntington between our and David’s driveway. The erosions grow deeper with every rain.  We have met with the Town Storm Water folks about 18 months ago to see what the Town could do to mitigate the flooding.

When they came out, they said there was nothing they could do because it would increase flooding below our homes.  Being able to actually hear the water is helpful as well. Please share with others.

Click on maps for larger versions.



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