Economic needs

Chapel Hill Cost of Community Services Report,  Mitch Renkow study, published May, 2012. This study shows the relative cost of supplying Town services to businesses and residences compared to the tax revenue generated by the same businesses and residences.

Development In Pipeline 2008-2012   Format: excel
“Development in Pipeline 2008-2012 – Concept Plan to Recent Approvals” updated by Town staff Oct. 24, 2012. This spreadsheet lists the main physical details (floor area in sq ft, # of residential units), location and status of all major residential, office, institutional and business (primarily retail) developments “in process” in Chapel Hill as of Oct. 24, 2012.

Development Activity Status Report – Town of Chapel Hill
Town website with chart showing current status of all types of recent development projects.


Fiscal Conditions Report-2020 vision, Roger Stancil, December 1, 2011
This presentation by the Town Manager to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan participants provides a broad view of all Town services and their costs and also the revenue streams that support all these Town services and highlights the current  revenue shortfall and potential solutions via economic growth.

Current Estimate Retail Square Footage in the Town of Chapel Hill Development Pipeline  Summary prepared by Amy Ryan. This chart estimates known retail business development in process by size and location compared to retail demand, and major retail space vacancies by size and location and vacant space at University Mall as of Sept. 12, 2012.

Office Market Analysis, April 2010, by Strategy 3 LLC. This study provides analysis of the existing Chapel Hill office market and current supply of available space and projects the future demand for office space and the associated additional tax revenue that this additional space could provide to the Town.

Orange County Visitors Bureau – Hotel Statistics
Web site that provides a wide variety of Chapel Hill hotel and visitor statistics including tax value of tourism.

Retail Market Analysis of Chapel Hill by Development Concepts and Gentleman McCarty in July, 2011This study outlines the areas in and around Chapel Hill that provide various types of retail businesses and which types and quantities of retail business are missing or under served in Chapel Hill and thus represent a growth opportunity for additional tax revenue for the Town.

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