Estes Hills Neighbors’ Petition to Town Council (March 2012)

(This petition and the list of over 200 signatures, can be accessed at

Petition Background (Preamble):

We, the undersigned, have studied the plans for Carolina Flats on Estes Drive near MLK and cannot recommend support of this concept to our neighborhoods — Estes Hills, Huntington-Somerset, Mt. Bolus, Coker Hills, Coker Woods and Coker Hills West — for the following reasons:1. Traffic concerns: this plan would add 800 parking spaces at a critical entry point on an already busy Estes Drive which back ups during morning and evening rush hours;2. Danger to pedestrians, including children walking to Estes Hill Elementary and Phillips Junior High School;

3. Flooding issues: Estes Drive already frequently floods in the vicinity of the proposed project; and

4. Plans do not meet residential zoning and Comprehensive Plan goals protecting neighborhoods and our natural setting;

5. Submission of a concept plan is premature as the Town’s Chapel Hill 2020 process will develop a new land use plan.


Therefore, we petition the Chapel Hill Town Council to:Table the Carolina Flats plan for a hotel and student apartments until the new Comprehensive Plan under development is complete;Ensure full neighborhood participation in future vision plans which involve any proposed zoning changes by including residents of the neighborhoods listed above in a comprehensive area plan of Southern MLK and Estes Drive.

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