News Stories

End of the World as we Know it,  Nancy Oates, Feb 2014

Hindsight is 2020, Mark Zimmerman, Dec 06

Council approved Central West Small Area Plan, Chapel Hill News, Nov 31
Possible Traffic Studies Calm Central West Concerns, WCHL, Nov 26
Leadership needed in Central West Debate, Platts – Mills, CH News
Neighbors Oppose Draft Development Plan, CH News, Oct 22
Plan Panned,  WCHL, Oct 21
Central West Makes Progress, WCHL, Sept 24
Seeing Red, Nancy Oates, Chapel Hill Watch, Sept 16
Chapelboro News Article Sept 3 meeting
Consultant overruns budget, Durham Herald, August 30
Library Stormwater System Fails, August 12
Growth of Estes Drive Concerns Parents, Chapelboro, July 24
WCHL Commentators, Patty Krebs June 25
Chapel Hill Growth Talks Reveal Divide, June 25
Council Discusses Central West Focus Area, June 24, Durham Herald
Report to Council on MLK-Estes,  June 23, 2013
Where’s the data?  November 3, 2012
Focusing on Focus Areas, Chapel Hill Weekly, Nov 2, 2012
CHTC Sets Course for Central West, Chapelboro
MLK/Estes Discussion advances, OrangeChat, October 23
MLK/Estes Drive area meeting frustrates residents, September 5
Estes Drive Housing Project Resubmitted, September 2
Chapel Hill News story, April 24
Commentators, Jill Blackburn, April 23

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