Adopted Council Revisions and Conditions for Small Area Plan

  • Create a stronger statement of purpose for the Small Area Plan that explains the key drivers for design (e.g. relationship to Carolina North; sustainability of walkable, bikable, transit friendly design; density that recognizes existing land prices and project economic viability; fiscal impacts to the Town; respect for existing neighborhoods through edge design; and environmental conservation).
  • Before approval of any construction, conduct a Town-wide modeling analysis of the cumulative traffic impacts from the proposed development in all of the Focus Areas.
  • In 2015, UNC is scheduled to conduct a new Traffic Impact Analysis for Carolina North. At that time, reevaluate the proposed widenings of the Martin Luther King and Estes Drive intersection in light of both the Central West and Carolina North Plan and the Bus Rapid Transit study) to improve overall mobility, make it more pedestrian/bike friendly, and a more attractive area than envisioned in the existing proposed plans.
  • Where the Focus Areas (considered together) are proposing significant cumulative development in a given watershed, conduct a watershed stormwater impact analysis of the potential cumulative stormwater volume impacts. The stormwater management objective (Principle 11, Objective C) regarding use of Low Impact Development techniques is isolated and disconnected from the stormwater management recommendations. To make the connection, repeat the elements of Objective 11 C in the stormwater recommendations of Section 6, particularly the reference to the Small Area Stormwater Management Master Plan. [Note: Objective11 C reads: Require new development to capture additional runoff on site and have landscape designs that use low-impact techniques for controlling stormwater and site water, such as raingardens.]
  • The tree canopy along Estes Drive and in the Central West planning area adds beauty to area as well as significant economic (e.g. property value) and environmental benefits. Add a stronger statement to the Small Area Plan about preservation of existing tree canopy.
  • Given Central West’s proximity to and potential relationship with Carolina North, make a stronger statement in the plan about a UNC-town partnership on affordable workforce housing.

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