Steering Committee Members

Addresses of Steering Committee members:
Abby Parcell <>, Amy Ryan <>, Anthony Carey <>, Bruce Murray <>, Buffie Webber <>,David Tuttle <>, Eric Hyman <>, Firoz Mistry <>,Jeff Kidd <>, Jared Simmons <>, Lucy Carol Davis <>, Meredith Judy <>, Mia Burroughs <>, Michael Parker <>, Mickey Jo Sorrell <>, Sarah McIntee <>, Whit Rummel <>, Julie McClintock <>

Addresses of Steering Committee chairs:
Amy Ryan <>,
Michael Parker <>

Addresses of Town staff:
Megan Wooley <>
Mary Jane Nirdlinger <>

Addresses of consultants: Deana Rhodeside <>, Meredith Judy <>

Central West Steering Committee Members:
Keith Billy, Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Board representative
Mia Burroughs, Chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board
Anthony Carey, Sienna Hotel partner
Lucy Carol Davis, landowner in Central West area
Eric Hyman, Estes Drive resident
Jeff Kidd, UNC Property Office
Julie McClintock, Coker Hills resident, Stormwater Advisory Board
Sarah McIntee, Estes Hills resident, concerned about walking and safety
Firoz Mistry, Ironwoods resident
Bruce Murray, YMCA
Abby Parcell, Renter, Resident of Impact area
Michael Parker, Transportation Board representative
Mickey Jo Sorrel, Resident of Impact area
Whit Rummell, property owner in Central West area
Amy Ryan, Planning Board representative
David Tuttle, Estes Drive resident, also on Greenways Commission
Buffy Weber, resident, Cherokee
Applications 2012 copy

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