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Guiding Principles

The Committee is developing guiding principles upon which the “small area plan” for our area will be based.  Four subcommittees are considering land use, transportation, community character, and safe pedestrian connections.  Much attention has been paid to the undeveloped parcels near Estes Drive and MLK.  Discussions have touched on identifying possible new uses that would not cause additional traffic clogging this major intersection.  Also discussed has been new street connections, connecting existing ones, and changing existing uses in the area.

The next opportunity for community input will be on April 4th.  At this meeting the steering committee will continue discussions in subcommittees.  Public comment is allowed at each of these subcommittee meetings.  On April 9th the entire steering committee will discuss the small group guiding  principles.  The staff is planning another opportunity to hear from the public.

The public is invited to comment on the drafts out there so far. Megan has asked that comments be sent by noon April 2 to her. Go here to see the drafts.