Revised Citizens Concept Map June 24th, 2013


Full size version as a Adobe PDF file here: PDF MAP

Explanation of map. explanation.revised citizens concept map

5 responses to “Revised Citizens Concept Map June 24th, 2013

  1. Sarah McIntee

    I like that you have include some road connections inside the new development, but it is insufficient for the higher density that should be here. The connection nodes do not happen frequently enough for the walker and cyclist. You have designed the roads for car dominance. What I like about this plan is the green space, but the town or a conservation group would have to buy this property to protect it, as parts of this site are considered, “buildable.” .I like the idea of concentrating the footprints of buildings and making them taller. We can save land, while still add economically viable commercial if we have less landscape covered. It we made tall enough buildings, we could, indeed, be able to buy and preserve Lucy’s beautiful parcel. These tall buildings would also have to have tall structured parking that patrons would pay to use. Obviously, after my own survey report, I would like there not to be building on this land. There are about 100 pictures of this land on the CW Flikr site. There are some other things I don’t like about this land use plan. Buildings are too spread out, the density is too low for transit support, and the buildings set back too far, and the buildings do not relate to the street for the area to be considered walk-able. By orienting the building inward, you have not made the street the pedestrian domain. It is still a car domain. Without buildings on the street making a more visually narrowed, intimate space, with an ample sidewalk between the buildings and the street, the cars will not voluntarily slow down as they do on more developed streets, with lots to look at. This is still very much a suburban plan, a fuel wasteful one since it doesn’t adequately support, through density, the pedestrian and transit rider. Density is very important in creating a sustainable community. We want transit service to be frequent. There has to be sufficient demand for this to happen. The plan has made some thoughtful improvements, and I encourage you all to keep studying the issues we face. In the past 48 hours, we have had over 6 inches of rain. Just this afternoon, we broke a record for rain. The people living at the lower end of Estes Dr are being evacuated and the post office trucks are half way under water. The weird weather this country is experiencing is going to become the new normal of tomorrow. The models are predicting that this area is likely to have extremes of wet years and dry years. The planet can’t wait for us to make a gentle transition from suburban sprawl patterns to more concentrated urban ones. Once more, the next generation is not buying our wasteful lifestyle (see NYT today about the decline in car use in the next generations) . I know that many of us have not grown up with an urban environment, but there can be very beautiful and vibrant places at urban density, where the car is not more than a tolerated guest.

  2. Fred, thanks for improving the original map after hearing & incorporating feedback. I also appreciate the data that helps explain it. Erin

  3. Just want to clarify the density of the single-family homes on both sides of Estes and farther south off MLK: one house per four-tenths of an acre?That would be less dense than the existing houses along Somerset?

  4. Fred answers: The proposed density for the R1 areas of the Citizens 1st Revised Concept Map is about twice the density of current Somerset homes which range from approx .6 to .8 area per home, with a couple exceptions. The Citizens Concept R1 areas are around .4 acre/home which averages 2.5 homes /acre or near the R1 max of 3 homes/acre.

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