The Alternate Citizens’ Plan

While the Alternate Citizens’ Plan received wide spread support from community members over the last five months, only four members of the Steering Committee endorsed it.  However, over the last few months the two plans grew closer together. Several notable differences remained which are summarized in a table here. See the support the Alternate Citizens’ Plan received in one short week. Click here.

The Alternate Plan map would bring half as many new auto trips as the Committee plan.  In comparison, the Council adopted plan will bring an additional 7000 auto trips to the already crowded Estes Drive/Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd intersection.  The Alternate Plan also provided 42% affordable and workforce housing (versus 15%), and a modest positive economic benefit for the Town (versus a net deficit).

Another topic of great interest to the Council has been the Town’s fiscal analysis of the Central West small area plan which turned out to show little positive net revenue for the Town when cost and revenues are compared.  Council Member Gene Pease was surprised by these results and said:  “if we are not making any money for the town, then why are we doing this?”.  See our Memorandum with attachments about the Town’s flawed fiscal analysis that were presented to the Council.


For historical information explore the Town’s Central West Steering Committee activity webpage here or the Town’s  community input page. 

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