June 11th meeting

At the June 11th meeting Steering Committee members the Consultant made a presentation with two new concept maps.  The maps appeared even more intense than previous maps even though the map titles claimed the increased density would make the area more walkable. 

Committee members shared their thoughts about how public input should be handled in the future, although no consensus was reached.  It was very encouraging to hear that each member present recognized the value of receiving community input. (The Council charge is found here.)  We heard a general consensus that input should be collected from as wide a spectrum of the community as possible, noting that it is unrealistic to canvass the views of all 50,000 residents. 

Over 40 members of the public attended as well. During the public comment period, one parent whose children attended the schools voiced concern about school safety.  John Ager from the Planning Board spoke and said that he had been contacted by a school administrator who wanted to be included in the Central West planning effort. He urged the Town to reach out to the schools.

The Committee requested that the June 24th Council report feature the guiding principles and objectives. The Steering Committee did not have time to discuss the new maps but the Committee decided to forward them for background information.

The work plan for the next milestone was not discussed.  The next meeting is July 1, 6 – 9 pm at the Siena Hotel.


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