June 4 Steering Committee Meeting

Many participants at the May 18th Community meeting felt their vision was not considered in the three Consultant’s concept maps that were presented.   Consequently at the June 4 meeting, two citizens (not on the steering committee) presented an alternative “Initial Citizens’ Concept Map” and letter signed by interested people from all over town during the public comment period.  Read more about the citizens’  presentation here.

Alex Talikof and Theresa Grimm presented an Initial Citizens’ Map during the public comment period.  Over 50 citizens attended and showed their support of the presentation. This map was duplicated by the Consultant and made available to each of the small groups of steering committee members. 

The bulk of the meeting was spend on small group discussion of the map options by steering committee members.  Some steering committee members declined to consider the citizens’ concept map. Members of the public met at their own table and produced these Community Comments which were summarized by the Town.

In advance of the meeting, a number of citizens signed and sent this letter to the steering committee on June 3rd asking for their consideration of an initial Citizens Concept Map. Click on the links. It is not clear how these ideas will be folded into the concept maps.


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