March 20 Chapel Hill 2020 update

At the March 20 2020 planning meeting, the Town’s Consultant with the leaders’ blessing appears to be  leaning toward recommending more density for Estes Drive for the Comprehensive Vision document in June.

The Consultant reported on the “results” of a small charette held last month for 5 focus areas in town along transportation corridors, including Estes Drive.  On the basis of 40 minute small group conversations around tables, the Consultant said there seemed to be some consensus for four of the areas, including Estes Drive.  Estes neighbors attending the meeting pushed back strongly on that assertion.

The Estes Drive development map is already contained on the Town’s 2020 website in the new draft of the Comprehensive plan. See “framework maps” at front where a “policy statement” will accompany it.

When we asked the consultant what was meant by proposing an Estes Drive corridor study, Chair Rosemary Waldorf said this may be a good place for a “form based zone” discussion.  People in the area would give input to determine what gets built and this would go around the normal special use permit process.

We need to insist on full citizen participation on any future vision for the area and that any such study will be a robust study such as a small area plan and will include full data on the needs of the town.


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